Marlon Bernardes

Software Engineer

+353 834 142567
Full-stack software engineer with over 14 years of professional experience. Highly proficient in TypeScript, JavaScript, and Java, but also experienced in Scala, Ruby, and Clojure to a lesser extent. Former senior engineer/consultant for companies such as ThoughtWorks, Zalando & Klarna. Passionate about well-written code, adept at agile methodologies and delivering business value. Not afraid of asking questions and always willing to mentor colleagues and learn from them. Comfortable when talking about system design, databases, automated tests, algorithms, frontend performance, DevOps, and security.

- Enhanced the performance of one of the most critical endpoints (availability search for hotels), decreasing the p(95) response time from 8.2 seconds to 230 milliseconds.
- Led the design and implementation of complex features and consumer-facing APIs. Our Travel Booking API was #3 in Product Hunt!
. - Created CLI tools and libraries which helped improve the speed of delivery of multiple teams. One of these libraries was later open-sourced -
- Significantly improved the performance (and strategy) of our CI pipeline, reducing build times from 9 to 3 minutes and effectively increasing the number of deployments from 2 times per week to 5 times per day!
- Technologies: TypeScript, Node.js (express & NestJS), PostgreSQL, React, Next.js

- Implemented (and documented) customer-facing API’s and React applications.
- Improved memory footprint of financial reporting routine from O(n) to O(1) while also improving its speed by a factor of 2.
- Proposed and implemented a new and more fault-tolerant architecture for batch processing of transactional XML files.
- Simplified the architecture of existing systems, killing dozens of servers and reducing our monthly AWS costs by approximately 50%!
- Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, Clojure, Express, React, AWS.

- Built a platform that connects Brands & Content Creators through Influencer Marketing.
- Created multiple complex frontend interfaces using React and Redux. - Introduced an analytics tools to stakeholders (metabase), and helped them learn from real-time data.
- Proposed and implemented a resilient and scalable architecture for extracting data from multiple social media networks, making it available for searching in minutes - a great improvement over the previous implementation, which took 6 hours to execute!

- Created internal Ruby on Rails applications and API’s, which were used by thousands of employees.
- Used Ansible to transition the infrastructure from in-house servers to AWS.
- Technologies: Ruby, Rails, React, Docker, AWS, Ansible.

- Built and delivered several applications in production, across a wide range of industries and platforms.
- Created architectures for Java backend services and SPAs that became a company-wide standard.
- Set up Continuous Integration servers for different projects using development best practices and latest trend tools.
- Led many small teams, focusing on delivering high-quality software with a measurable impact on the customers business needs.
- Taught over 70 students to code in Java and JavaScript and good practices about software development, such as good OO design, unit testing and agile methodologies.

Marlon Bernardes, Dublin, Ireland

Marlon Bernardes

Software Engineer

+353 834 142567

- Rearchitected existing systems and services, reducing costs & making them easier to maintain
- Set up CI pipelines, Grafana dashboards and CLI tools
- Created consumer facing interfaces using React.
- Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, Terraform, Docker, React, Redux, Webpack, Node, Express, AWS (S3, RDS, SQS, EC2, CloudFront, Route53, CloudFormation and more).

A product for bringing brands and content creators together.
- Rewrote the search functionality, reducing the average search time from 4 seconds to 30 milliseconds.
- Proposed and implemented the architecture for a crawler, running on top of AWS services.
- Implemented dashboards, a messenger app and many other complex frontend apps using React, Redux and CSS3 features.
Technologies: JavaScript, Java, React, Redux, Webpack, Node, Express, Spring-boot, Nightwatch, AWS (S3, RDS, SQS, EC2, CloudFormation and more).

This web application allowed Volare to target specific groups of customers effectively and allocate appropriate marketing resources.
- Responsible for the overall architecture and development of the project.
- Built the project in an agile fashion, comprised with a huge set of acceptance, integration and unit tests.
- Implemented Continuous Integration using Jenkins CI, with commit-triggered builds. Configured PageSpeed as part of our CI pipeline, making sure the web application always received grade A regarding its web performance.
- Collected application usage metrics using aspect-oriented programming and displayed it in a pretty neat interface, using D3 (based on Netflix’s Hystrix). These metrics allowed to prevent performance issues in the application.
- Used Arduino to create a hardware device (a small “traffic light”) for monitoring the continuous integration server, using leds and buzzers.
- Technologies: Java, JavaScript, Spring, Knockoutjs, SQLServer, JDBI, Selenium, JUnit, Jasmine, D3, Logstash.

Graduated in the end of 2015. Unisinos’ course of System Analysis and Development was elected as the best in the state and Brazil’s third best. My final paper was selected as the best and won an ASSESPRO award -
Our team built a web application, as part of a hackaton and won the "best web application" award. Our application was a fully-functional store for selling used - like new - stuff, built in under 30 hours. The app was built using Ruby on Rails.